[68] ~*Tue – 09/19/17*~

[7:54 pm]

I haven’t wrote in a few days cause I’ve been too busy or too tired to write. Not much happened on Sun. I worked at the store as I normally do on Sun. Hub didn’t go to work, not a big surprise there. Doc gave him time off so of course he will take it. Blah! I’m not too sure how he’s feeling but I hope it will get better. Since he didn’t go to work I asked him to make us supper. I was meant to do the dishes but I didn’t do them. I took a long nice bath instead. 

Yesterday I finally called the doc’s office to make an appointment which is all the way on Oct 18. I told her that we needed refills before that so she sent out a refill paper to the pharmacy where we go. Hub was due for two refills and I was sure I was due for my sleeping pill which I told her I was but when I got home and looked at my bottle I still had six refills. Oops! Don’t know why I thought I was out. Oh well. After work I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done and I just love my hair. It’s always so nice when you just have it done. It’s like I always know my purple has really faded but you don’t really realize until you have fresh color in your hair and you’re like “Oh yea, this is way brighter than it was”. It also feels so nice to have your hair freshly cut. I don’t know how I used to no to go for years. Now I go every eight weeks and sometimes I wish I’d be going every six but it’s a bit too expensive so I stretch it to eight. I’m just so glad that my friend is making me a friend price (half price) so I can keep my lovely color. I’m so grateful! I sometime tell myself I should stop and just go back to natural color so I would save my money but it’s just so darn nice and I always have so many nice compliments. I think I would find myself looking weird if I’d go back to my natural color as I had dark purple hair or red hair for a few years and now funky purple, blue, teal and pink. I finally found a hair color and cut that I just love and makes me feel good about myself.

Anyways, after getting my hair done I went and got my friend and we went to the Casino as it was Mon. My friend played her $10 and didn’t make anything. I played mom’s $30 and didn’t make anything. I gave my card to my friend so she could play my $5, nothing. I already had a feeling I wasn’t going to make anything thought as I had the week before. I just wish my friend could make something. Poor her! After the Casino we went to eat at McDonald’s and talked for a lil. I got home it was midnight and I had to do the dishes as I had to clean the suggies kitchen, I had to take a shower cause you always get hair everywhere when you go for a hair cut. I finally made it to bed and of course I wanted to play my farming game and read a bit so I ended up sleeping at 3 am and didn’t take a sleeping pill cause I didn’t have enough hours left. I surprisingly didn’t withdrawal, which I sometime do when I don’t take my pill, and I wasn’t tired in the morning. I think I’m always tired cause I should sleep at least eight hours with the pill which I normally don’t so the pill is still working in the morning when I get up so it keeps me tired.

Today I woke up at 9 am and we left at 10. I was a bit stressed out cause I was getting some filling done today but everything went well and I’m all done with fillings. Woot woot! Just took me five years to get it all done. It’s so expensive that I had to stretch it out on a few years but I’ve made it. Now I’m gonna try to go to the dentist for clean up more often to prevent the need of more fillings. Hub had a second cleaning done today and he still needs to go back in two weeks. Arg! Starting to be a lot of back and forth as it’s an hour and a half drive but I get to see my mom. I’m actually thinking of taking the Wed off on that week and actually go sleep over at her place on the Tue. I’m just not sure if she can have off so I will ask her later. 

So while we were at the dentist which is just a pain. I hate the dentist! I was a bit shaky and omg my jaw was just so tired that it started shaking really bad, I’m surprised the dentist didn’t say anything. I didn’t ask for any breaks, I just wanted it done and over with. After we were done we met my mom and friend at the entertainment place (lil Casino kinda thing) as they were there playing. My mom was hoping my friend would have better luck over there as she like never ever won anything from all the gambling we’ve been doing. We got there and of course my friend wasn’t making any money at all and my mom was. My mom gave me $20 to play and I took out $60 which paid for me and hub’s lunch. Mom paid for my friend’s lunch. That’s good, I didn’t have to spend any money today beside the cost of the dentist. After lunch she wanted to play some more so she made $160 and gave each one of us $20 to play and we played for a lil while. We spent like five hours over there. We were meant to go check if we could go on a boat tour but didn’t go in the end. Might try the next time we go, in two weeks, or wait next year. So my mom gave my friend $40 to play and she finally took out $90. She was so damn cute, she was all excited as she never made any money. She gave back mom’s $60, kept $20 and played $10. She then made $50 so she kept $40 and played another $10 but it stopped there. But she came back home with $60 which was amazing for her, she was just so happy. It was fun cause she actually enjoyed herself as she was winning. Now she wants to go back. Haha! We’re going back in two weeks but I told her I was leaving her home. She made a sad face. Poor thing!

We almost stayed in town to see a movie with mom but we were all tired and had a long drive back home so we decided to just make our way back home. Hub was tired so I had to drive. Blah him! He didn’t even sleep so he could of drove. He had actually went in the car while we were still playing to nap as he was done with his $20. We got home and hub went straight to bed so I have the PC all to myself and can finally take the time to write.

We had a very nice day. I called mom but she’s not home yet. I wonder where she is. I know she said she needed to go to the store but we had time to make it all the way home and she’s not home yet. Tsk tsk her!

Now that I’m done writing I will just sit here and watch some TV shows and play my farming game for a lil while. I should also take the time to “edit” that post I did a few days ago where I wrote under the influence of my sleeping pill. Haha! I was meant to edit it a few days ago but never got to it so I will do that right now.




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