Alpha and Omega

I believe that there is Alpha and Omega. Unfortunately, I refused to be a victim of it sometimes, because in my heart I could no longer detached the framed picture in one of the chambers. Sometimes, you show it instantly to me at dawn, and I felt i could still touch you, but I laugh at it, and smile, feeling that in flesh we are all still young. I hug you in my arms, drop three kisses in your face and forehead, and I am so enamored when you reacted with a sweet smile. I know, we are no longer the same. You have your own family and partner, and I respected it so well. But in a dream the boundary are disentangled, and touching you and kissing you, are just an expression of a soul lost in transition. If the world will only give us the power to rewind, maybe, our old, old days will find the right way, where our love and emotion will have found the dreamt rendevouz. Yes, you are my conqueror, and still, I am your Prisoner. It would have been better, if the wall is concrete, so that I can break it with my fist, or even the longest tunnel to nowhere, maybe, I will choose to escape, but I am in the dark, groping in every tiny place, then I say to myself, it is but all are nothingness, Yes, in reality, God knows, it is an omega.

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