Day 26

Guess what? Certainly it’s getting worse and worse. Even more, I do understand that I’m angry on Danya for being, for the first time, unable to help me. Today two major and important for me things happened.

First, I’ve spoke with Vlad, being honest with him on the topic of our relationship. I asked him to exuse me for behaving so bad. And I hoped he would understand me without a further explanation. And he actually did. He is going to buy me the ticket for the 25th of December from Amsterdam to Moscow. That seems to be the right decision since that was the plan from the very begining. Nevertheless, I’m just unable to make any decisions now. We were talking about returning our relationship on its’ path. And decided on trying just one last time. While talking, I’ve realized, that I cannot breath. I just couldn’t make one more breath in. Just one more.

Second, I’ve met Dylan and it was certainly one of the best points in the last 2 days. I adored it. It was such a pleasure. I was fully relaxed, explaining him russian prononciation, and LOL talking with him. Thank you, the Universe, for that perfect experience!

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