Ex Boyfriend—

My son is 7 months old. When I found out I was pregnant with him his biological father told me to have an abortion. You see, his father, is a piece of shit. We were long distance and he was awful. I paid for most visits and paid my own stuff while there. I had to send him money for gas because he didn’t have any. I bought him amazing gifts while he got me discounted stuff from his job at Walgreens. Mind you, he had money, just didn’t want to spend it on me. He would go out and not give two shits if i was okay but any time he needed me, i was there. Even when i was pregnant and he was trying to bribe me into an abortion. Now, after telling me he hates me and the baby, he acts like he cares one social media, but he hasn’t asked about the baby at all. They came up here when the baby was three months and he didn’t even hold him. But he was sure to post about him to act like he cared and to come off like he did. I took the baby down there so he could meet his great grandmother on his father side because they said she was dying. And guess what? He came, he took pictures of the baby and he would disappear again into his room. He just didn’t care. He just wanted pictures he could post. He kept saying stuff like “he keeps staring at me, he likes me”. NO FUCKER, he doesn’t know you. That’s why he is staring. I can’t believe I went down there for them (my ex’s parents and his grandma). They didn’t even ask me what kind of diapers and formula to get the baby so when I got there we had to go out to get them. Oh, and they haven’t asked how he is or if he needs anything even though he has been sick for a week and they know because I’ve posted about it. They do however take pictures I post of him and post it to their social media. 

Part of me wants to delete and block them from all my social media and tell them to fuck off. Why should they be allowed to take pics of my son and post it to their social media when they don’t really give a shit about him? 

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