Is coding really involved in my life?

Ben, in the assessment one feedback you gave me you said that in my project proposal it wasn’t clear how I would find out how much coding was involved in my life and I believe this blog post will achieve that!

Week 11’s set text ‘Regulation and Social Practice Online’ demonstrates moving beyond code and to place code in context, (Kennedy, Meese & Nagel 2016) which has helped me further my understanding of code and how it fits into all aspects of my life which will then help me to gather my conclusion that if I do or don’t like python/coding in general.

Throughout my other blog posts and in class I have been confusingly struggling with coding in general, physically on Python and textbook work, but this reading has allowed me to understand what I really want to get from this project. To be frankly honest with you before I started this subject if you asked me what coding was I would have said ‘what, nope’ and laughed but after studying it I have learnt more than I would have expected and probably wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for this subject.

I’ve always known that social media and coding are related but I’ve never known how or why. I am a huge social media user and use the platform facebook probably every 10 minutes, using the application I wouldn’t think about the mechanism behind it but this article shows how coding shapes the real-time regulations to shape certain performances on Facebook to regulate desired enactments (Kennedy, Meese & Nagel 2016). After reading this article, every time I now open Facebook and browse my newsfeed I try and figure out how different contexts and engagements have been formulated. For example, the other day someone I know posted an extremely inappropriate status and I flagged it and understood that flagging is a mechanism/tool to report behavior that is inappropriate or offensive content. Another example would be that I saw a really cute puppy video on my feed and I thought, everyone needs to see this cuteness so I ‘shared’ it. Sharing is an interface structure within technological structures (Kennedy, Meese & Nagel 2016).

It is demonstrated in my above examples that I am absorbing the newly found scholarly knowledge I have acquired by applying it into my everyday use of the social platform to demonstrate my understanding and to make myself more ‘code aware’ by placing code the context of Facebook, if I placed code in different contexts of my life I guarantee that it would be in every situation and the reason I haven’t noticed it before is because I wasn’t looking for it and didn’t know what I was looking for.

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