Dear one person who reads this,

If you didn’t know I’m into pokemon. My little bother (I spelled that right) found a pokemon ball that guesses which pokemon you are thinking of. It asks you questions and you answer: Yes, No, I don’t know, or it depends. My little bother got me into pokemon. I only really got into it because I wanted to understand when my bother said “That Oshawatt isn’t a very good trade for my Pangoro.” If that doesn’t make sense to you then I can’t help you. My bother wants to say something to you I’ll let him. When the font changes it’s my bother. My dog will take over the world with me!!! MWHA HA HA HA HA!!! I have like a fairy/fighting deck because I wanted to understand my bother. Just let me say I’ve wasted a lot of money on this and it isn’t worth it. Also I’m about to organize all of my pokemon into my first pokemon binder. So *sarcastic* yay. If you want to know my pokemon organizing secrets it go like this first separate all your cards according to types first. Got that, I don’t care I’m not repeating that. (I make sure I do trainer cards last.) Then next I just organize types according to preference. Then I organize each type by health. (Everything greatest to least.) If there is more than one pokemon in each category of health then I organize by attack damage. If there are different pokemon in the same category that I just got (Type, Health, then Attack Damage) Then I organize by either cuteness or preference of the image on the card. Now since I have you completely bored I will log off.



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