Revised: Presentation

I remember the most nerve wracking experience for me was a large presentation I did in English class. We wrote essays about books, complete with an entire board on information you had to present to the class. My story was about a young girls experience being in the holocaust. I finished the board, wrote interesting information, used pictures, and made notes, but I was still terrified. I figured, “once someone else goes and gets it going, I’ll learn how to do it smoothly. I just have to see what they do and mimic it.” The teacher called the first person to present. ” Grace Clare, come to the front.” I felt my heart sink. My feet became numb. Everything that was going to make this easier for me was just tossed in a paper shredder. I stumbled to the front, coyly put my board up and began reading. My voice shaking, my hands cold, my heart racing. I looked up from the board to see the teacher gesturing for me to look at the audience. I couldn’t do both at the same time, and without noticing, I stared at my friend the entire time, to try and give the illusion I was just talking to her. It didn’t work. When it was over, I walked back to my seat, my hands shaking, and my friend pat my back and told me I did just fine. I got an OK grade, but for what it felt like I did, I felt like I should have received a certificate for “Longest time tight rope walking across the Grand Canyon.”

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