Story: Clever Gretel

The exposition is the first paragraph, in which it tells how she makes food for her master, she drinks, and then tests the food she makes afterwards. The conflict begins when the master asks her to make two fouls for a guest, and when the fouls are done the guest does not arrive, so Gretel begins eating the foul while her master finds the guest. The rising action is when she eat the entire foul and the guest has not arrived and the master is preparing for him to arrive. The climax is when the guest arrives and Gretel tells him to run away, for her master wants to cut his ears off. The falling action is when Gretel tells the master he ran off with the fouls, and he chases after him so he can have “just one.” The resolution is Gretel did not get in trouble, and the guest ran off and didn’t come back.

There could have been more falling action, for they lead up to the climax, and made the rest of it very short. The story is mostly comprised of her eating, and waiting for the guest. 

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