I’m dying and won’t live through this, but all I want is for the “bad guys” to be caught before I am dead so at least maybe some won’t go through what I have gone through since I was 4 years old!


They think the cameras, audio and exploitation are no big deal.  Of course, they don’t.  They make bank, get rich and collect royalties for life.  I have been what they call a “camera victim” for almost my entire life, or just audio.  Let me tell you, that’s why I have been stalked, raped, sexually abused, physically abused, plus verbally and psychologically/emotionally abused.  Don’t ever misunderstand the repercussions of being exploited.  There’s no way to explain how that feels or what it has done to my whole life, past, present and now, I have no future.


I am planning for a future that I do not have.  

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