Where the hell do i begin?

Well here it goes, my whole life on display for others to see. The idea started a couple months ago when my best friend moved to Cincinnati, leaving me alone with my thoughts and noone to share it with. Well, not exactly alone, but you know what i mean. Sure, i tell other people what i think and feel about certain topics, but nothing like the outpour of judgements of people i come across throughout the day because well, normal people would just think im an asshole! A bestfriend is kind of essential. Someone you can tell your deepest thoughts to without the feeling of being judged. And if there your real best friend, they more than likely feel the same way.

So lets start this first entry a little steamy!! Kieth.. Just thinking of him makes me horny. A deep urge pulsing deep within me. Holding back urges to just grab him and slam him up against the wall and deep throat his cock until i pass out from oxygen deprivation. Oh and im Gay btw. He is perfect, well, perfect for me. Standing at about 5’9″ of just stunning gamer virgin sexiness with a booty that dont stop. Seriously, for a white boy his ass is huge and beautiful. Andrew thinks so too. Andrew is my best friend to be, we work together and have become quite close. Although straight, hes comfortable enough with his sexuality to make me wonder. He was the first person i told at work that i was gay, and although there is some restraint towards him since he told everyone i was gay, it has made my work life a little easier. You see, i work in a factory. If there is one place you have to be careful about coming out is here. Factory guys are a little rough and not very open to the fact that a man is checking them out. And i have to say, if you are gay, a factory is the place to work. Sexy men walking around sweaty and diry. UUGGGHHHH!!! i swear i spend most of my day horny, which is depressing because i havent had sex since 2012. All day, deep sexual urges run through my mind everytime one of these sexy motherfuckers walk by me. And factory workers (like construction workers) are my type.  But surprisingly my coworkers have been pretty open about my sexual orientation. It does help that they got to know and like me first, and noone thought i was gay until it came out. im not one of them flaming homosexuals, most people dont know until i tell them. But its led to some crushes because, well, my coworkers are fuckin sexy models.   That s enough for today, now i have to take a cold shower before work so i can fantasize about all the dirty things i want keith to do to me today while we talk. Seriously, i say some freaky dirty things to him and just downright honest, telling him i want to come over and have sex and sit under his desk and suck his dick everyday while he plays video games. And after all of that, he still comes out and talks to me for over an hour everyday. EVERYDAY, so much that everyone that works around me thinks we have something steamy going on. I WISH! UGHHHHHH!


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