[69] ~*Wed – 09/20/17*~

[8:45 pm]

I’m already excited about going to mom’s place in two weeks. I talked to her and she was able to get Wed off. I haven’t been to her place since May so I’m glad we’ll be going. My friend will also be coming with us so that’s nice. We plan on going for a drive and making our way to the in-laws. I haven’t told that to my friend cause I don’t know if she’d be coming if she’d knew we were gonna go there. Last time we wanted her to come with us so we could go for a drive she kinda got sick cause she got nervous as my in-laws are french and can barely speak english and my friend can’t speak french. I hope she won’t hate me for not telling her. That said, looks like we won’t be trying to go on a boat tour as mom won’t be coming to town to meet us. I guess we will keep that for next year which is probably better as they need at least 10 people to go for a tour and we’re only four of us and the chances that another six people will show up to get a tour is pretty slim at this time of year. I feel like there’s so much we want to do next summer. I just hope we will have the chance to do more than we did this one. It just went way too fast and anyways it was kinda a warm one so I rather stay home with my a/c. Hehe!

Last night I was watching an episode of Chesapeake Shores and someone in the show said “If you’re having trouble in the present, why don’t you concentrate on that. The past can wait, it’s not going anywhere that’s for sure.” I thought it was very true and something I could refer to when having a hard time with letting go of stuff that happened in the past. The past always seem to haunt us and we need to learn to live with it and keep going as we can’t change what happened in the past.

Anyways, the only thing I don’t like when I just had my hair cut is that it is such a mess in the morning as it is short. The hair on the top of my head also seem so puffy so I can’t really just leave them like they are, I need to do something with them. My hair is so thick and since I do the undercut and she also makes it thinner, the top is super thick compared to the rest so yea. That’s the best I can explain it. After about two weeks it gets better. I just so love the color though. Last time we weren’t too sure if it looked purple or blue and we thought it was cause she did the blue beside the purple and that the blue had bled in the purple but this time it is really purple like it used to be and she kept the blue beside it. Don’t know what happened the last time. She also didn’t do her peacock color that she did the last time, she just bought the teal which I wanted her to make it again cause I really liked the color last time. In some way it sucks cause she doesn’t always do as I want and more like she wants as I told her I wanted her to make it like last time but she just used the one she had bought. Blah! Oh well, my hair is still awesome!

Last night I went to bed and there wasn’t any dishes in the sink, I get up, it’s full. I guess hub made himself some food while I was sleeping and gosh, he always fills up the sink with dirty dishes when he cooks. Blah!

I was also very tired last night. I was reading and I could feel myself fall asleep so I was trying really hard to finish my chapter before putting my book away. I had a hard time cause at the end I didn’t even know what I was reading anymore. That said, I decided not to take a sleeping pill since I was that tired. It’s been two nights that I sleep without a sleeping pill and it wasn’t too bad. I wonder if I should try another night or if it’s pushing my luck. I just don’t want to not take it and be super tired the next day and have to work. If I try it with more than eight hours of sleep I should be fine cause if I see I can’t stay asleep I can always take it after an hour of trying. We shall see at what time I go to bed tonight. I’d just love to be able to sleep without the help of the pill, at least not all the time.

When I was leaving my house to get to work, my court was full of paving trucks. Someone had their driveway done and that made me feel bad cause ours is so damn bad. I don’t even know if it can be saved at this point. We should of had it sealed years ago but never did as there’s always something else that needs to be done and I rather have things done on the house than the driveway as it’s more important. Not sure if we’ll be finishing the windows next year or doing the deck but we should get the driveway done. 

While I was waiting for a client, there was a cop in the middle of the road directing the traffic and that reminded me that they were blocking some roads today cause there was a parade for a cop that died last week. The cop had stopped on the highway to help out a couple that had a flat tire and someone hit him and he passed away. It is very sad but they always do too much for cops. It would of been a “regular” person who would of stopped and helped, no one would of talked about it like they are doing right now. It’s like when we had this crazy guy a few years ago that shot and killed three cops. It was such a huge thing and they are still doing stuff to this day for those who passed. If that guy would of killed “regular” people we wouldn’t be hearing of them now. It’s their job to be “in danger” so why do they make such a big freaking deal when one gets killed. I don’t know if it’s just me but it always seem like it’s too much. “Oh he was killed on duty so blab blah.” Exactly, he was on duty, it’s in some way part of his job and expected that some will fall. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s very sad and all and I wish it wouldn’t of happened but they just seem to drag the fact that they were killed for ever and when a normal person dies it’s forgotten quickly. It just doesn’t seem fair. We’re all human after all and should all deserve the same. They surely wouldn’t be making a parade for me if I would of been the one to stop and try to help out the couple and ended up being killed by a passing van. 

Anyways, I’m in need of some new bras but why are those so expensive?! I mean, you buy pants and they are way cheaper than a darn bra. The wires in mine are pretty much all broken and it’s poking out and hurting me but I don’t want to spend money on new ones again. I feel like I just bought new ones. I so wish I didn’t have to wear a damn bra. It’s actually a bit funny cause I was thinking of needing new bras during the day and my last client went out shopping for bras. I was almost tempted to look for some for myself but she went to Walmart and I normally go to Sears for mine.

It’s also still super hot for mid Sept. I was in the car waiting for a client and I was dying. I can’t wait for winter as this heat is getting ridiculous. I really don’t understand how some people enjoy the heat. I am surely not one of them. I had the windows down and I had to start the car to get the a/c going as it was too hot for me. Even at home, it’s still super hot.

Well, hub is done making our food so I shall go eat my yummy breakfast.




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