9/20/2017: Money’s Value

I can’t believe it’s the end of September already! That’s absolutely crazy to me! I have had such a draining couples of weeks from going to work and then school, home sleep, back to work and then school again. I honestly didn’t realize how draining school and work could be until I started to experience it myself. 

ANYWAY, the whole reason I came on here was because I wanted to know how you felt about using a distorted bill. Like money wise. Like let’s say you get a $20 bill and it’s a little yellow on the back, would you still use it? Do you realize that it doesn’t change the value of the bill? 

Sometimes when I am working in a bank and I have someone tell me they don’t want a certain bill because maybe it’s wrinkled, or written on… I just want to ask them if they know that the bill will be taken by whomever you give it to whether it’s wrinkled, discolored, or even ripped and tapped back together. So let me remind anyone who may disagree with me that I have worked in retail and banking for over 2 years now and I can tell you from both stand points as much as we don’t like to take the gross or ugly bills, we still do because the value hasn’t changed. 

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