I need an all expenses paid vacay

I finally went to the gym this morning after 3 months of not going.  I have worked out here and there like hiking, swimming, and even running on a trail but for some reason the gym just seemed so boring to me.  It still is.  I’d much rather do a physical activity outside instead of inside a boring gym but I’m going to have to start getting used to it as my stress eating has been taking its toll.  I’m glad I went but it’s just so hard waking up early in the morning.  I guess it’ll be the hardest until I get used to a routine.  It’s my 2nd day of my 3 day weekend and yesterday I really did nothing.  Just layed around like a slug.  Didn’t even really talk to anyone.  Still haven’t talked to Tyler in about a week.  He sent me a snapchat…something unimportant about his shoes and that he got a deal on them.  I still do miss him…or I miss the idea of him but I know that it’s just officially over and it won’t ever be like it was.  Surprisingly I’ve been hanging out with Anthony a lot.  I don’t even really know how I feel about that.  He’s a poor substitute for Tyler but they’re kind of almost the same person in a way.  I feel like they would get along great.  Today I’m going to run a few errands and then get my nails done.  They look like crap actually so it’ll be nice to treat myself to something.  Lol like I don’t do that all the time.  My mom found the charges on her card from all my Lyfting expenses and it turns out I’ve spent around 700 bucks in just 3 months on Lyft.  Crazy.  So now they’re kind of pissed at me about that and I’m back in the doghouse again.  I guess I just can’t go out.  My mom wants me to never drink again because it does nothing but get me into trouble and I mean it’s kind of true.  Every bad thing that has happened really has been because of drinking.  But I can’t stop.  Maybe I have an addiction or a problem or whatever but it’s not like I wake up every morning wanting a drink or that I feel the need to go out every night.  It’s just a social thing, something to do.  I don’t even like drinking at my house by myself.  Ugh, so I dunno.  Anyways quick updates to wrap it up…my love life is in the shitter, thankfully I don’t have to worry about work right now as I have 3 days off, I’m going to try and do better as far as my diet and health routine go, and I guess I’m going to try and stay in more and try to find something else to do…maybe watch a shit ton of movies.  Also, I’m flat broke.  Suuuuuper

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