I Used to Skip Through Puddles

I used to skip through puddles until this love, his love, dark and vast became an ocean. Now I’m drowning in loves motion.

Rushing, unreal emotions raw, exposed to the light. The tides turn warm words white. Hot lies that disturb the mind like ships wrecked upon rocks in the darkness of night.

Sea sick and dizzy, I was slow to understand. The Beast had long ago consume this boy and left only a shell of a man. Spineless bottom-feeder lurking somewhere below. Made me forget the Sun and my own goddamn glow.

He penetrated me with stinging tentacles of double words, false truths, and a mind game so sicke. The concentration of his bile weighed me down faster than the swing of a pimp backhanding his bottom hoe cuz she didn’t feel like sucking dick.

My eyes open, senses fade, I am no longer me. I relax into his mist. Surrendering, sinking quietly into the nothingness of his vast loveless abyss.

I used to skip through puddles, nothing ever saturated my dermis. But now, my body gassed by bitterness and grief floats like a corpse aimlessly along the surface.

My inside is rotted, I am now the beast. My love, this love has engulfed me and now it is I seeking to feast.

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