To anyone that has ever bullied me/picked on me.

To anyone that has ever bullied me/picked on me, I just want to say thank you. For all those times that i’ve been beat down. For all those times that i’ve been called “crazy” ‘weird” “stupid” “ugly” “retard” “bitch” or all of those lovely names that i’ve been called everyday all the way from first grade through 8th grade. Or how about all of the times you threw miscellaneous items at me such as backpacks, pencils, textbooks, erasers, or anything else you could’ve found that day. Or the time I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and you turned on the hot water while I was washing them. What about all of the “I wish you were dead”s?  What about all of the times you called me worthless? Or when you personally isolated me. When I would sit at a lunch table everyone would get up and move. All of the days i’ve spent lunch in the bathroom alone. All of the days when my only friend didn’t show up and i’d get it worse than the previous day.

Now fast forward to the present.  All of a sudden you’re my “friend”. All of a sudden i’m “pretty” and “cool”. Are all of these the truth? Or was everything you said about me in the past all lies?  All of the guys that called me ugly are now calling me “sexy” and “cute”. So much to the point that it’s obsessive and I have to block them on social media. One of the guys that I blocked made a brand new profile just to talk to me again. Truthfully, most of you fuckers don’t even deserve my time. Most of you guys lead boring lives while i’m planning to live life to it’s fullest potential. I don’t want a normal life, and that’s okay. I want to experience certain things that an average person doesn’t. I have learned to not give a fuck about my choices in life for the sake of my happiness. I’m living for me and not for anyone else; meanwhile you zombies are just flocking to whatever everybody else does.

So thank you,

For making me stronger. For making me give less fucks about what anyone thinks. For making me go unbothered about people that try to bring me down. For making be try to better myself every day, and letting me know that you’re ignorant to the point that I don’t wanna see you, talk to you, or associate with you; and for letting me know how to filter out the fake people in my life.

For the too-many-to-count kids that bullied me in the past,

Thanks for everything. I love my haters. ♡

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