Go. Away. ✋🏼


Why the fuck did you do this to me? Why. 

I have an amazing guy. He’s literally perfection. But, because of my last relationship my anxiety is through the fucking roof. To the point where I get sick to my stomach. I know with him I’m safe, but then there’s days where I just want to break down because what if he finds someone better? My previous relationship was supposed to be my last. And well. We know how that went. There’s. Always. Someone. Better. Like fuckkkkk. Why am I never enough? Is there something wrong with me? I legitimately feel crazy. It’s so hot and cold. One second I’ll be fine. Then the next I’m balling for no reason because I just feel like I’m gonna lose my guy because sooner or later he’ll find someone better. Don’t they always? 

I am forever fucked in the head because of you. You did this to me. I used to be such a positive, happy individual. You ruined it. You ruined me. You killed something inside me. Some days it tries to come back alive again, but it doesn’t last. 

I’ll never understand why. But one thing I know for sure is it’s your fucking fault and I’ll NEVER forgive you for making me this way. 

I just want it to go away…

one day. 

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