Mi Puerto Rico

So much going on in this world, where to begin? I don’t even know how I feel about everything that’s going on. Every time I see the news there’s something going on, popular word now a days seems to be ” catastrophic “. Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico???  Why does all of this have to happen, it just hurts to much. I watch the news as tears roll down my cheek. I pray everything really does happen for a reason, but it’s getting harder to believe that as we watch innocent children get killed, if it’s not by some pervert, sick minded person, then it’s by mother nature. Tornadoes.earthquakes.hurricanes.floods.sinkholes. Nobody really pays attention to scientist or the weather people, until something really bad is about to happen, then you don’t even have enough time to prepare properly. The world is changing, right before our eyes, we better wake up and wake up fast. I worry for my children’s life, I pray the world will be a better place…

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