Mixed feelings.

That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now, with all that’s going on in my country, on the news, on social media, everywhere, they’re all talking about how bad things are in MEX, they’re still rescuing people, and keep putting names of all the people who passed away during the earthquake, and bunch of people are helping, I can’t imagine how it must be having to stay in the hospital for days just to help others, I pretty sure it should be stressing and hard, but as a physician I wish I could be there, to do something, help people, instead of staying home as I am right now, and I know it’s pretty lame but I can’t help thinking and worrying for this guy, he’s there right now, working, and for what i’ve read on his twitter he’s OK, and he’s been helping other people, he’s that type you know? like he’s not the most serious person, he likes to party a lot and mess around, but he’s that type of person that doesn’t just sit and do nothing, I can see him there helping, I wish I could be there too, doing something, I wish I could talk to him, text him just to hear from him that he’s OK, instead of keep stalking him on twtter.

this kinda disasters moves something in me, that I wasn’t sure I had, part of why I became a doctor, was cause of reputation, the fact it was something serious, something challenging, and I wanted to prove to me and to my parents that I could change, I could became someone serious, doing stuff that would make them proud, but now I can see that there’s that hint of a calling in me, that I actually want to help people, and take care of others, I wish I could be there, so, maybe I’m not all bad after all…

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