Pregnancy Symptoms 

Every woman entering a life of fertility and having an active sex life with the partner, it is important that she knows the existence of a series of symptoms that can occur once she is in the period of pregnancy, since the organism undergoes a series of changes causing by the increase of the hormonal production (estrogen and progesterone) and because it is conditioned to shelter a new life and give birth;

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Being one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman where a physical and emotional bond is established with the fetus, it is important to know that according to each pregnancy the woman will be affected differently and the presence of the symptoms is an indicative but not necessarily a confirmatory opinion of the existence of the pregnancy since to confirm it is necessary the elaboration of a test 

The most important symptoms for pregnancy are the following: 

– Decreased menses. 

-Food wishes 

Sensitivity of the breasts. 

– Dizziness 

-Variation of Humor 


Acne, blackheads and blackheads 

Temperature Changes 

 You feel like urinating 

Decreased menses 

During the period of pregnancy the fetus is lodged in the endometrium causing the absence of menstruation in the woman so the bleeding stops. 

Food wishes 

In most pregnancies the desire for certain foods in the first weeks of gestation is one of the most usual symptoms of pregnancy. The desire for some food can even make vegetarian women feel like eating hamburger 



Sensitivity of the breasts. 

Due to the increase in estrogen levels, the mammary glands increase and the size of the breasts, accompanied by sensation of breast tenderness that can even do the fact of putting bra for the woman. 



Since a woman who is pregnant suffers from a change in blood pressure, she may suffer from tiredness and because of long periods of standing, can cause not only dizziness to even fainting 

Variation of Humor 

When the woman is pregnant she can experience changes as to her mood the pregnant woman can go from allergy to sadness or from sympathy to outbursts of bad mood with people coming from one moment to another. There are cases of pregnant women who even give up employment. 


Due to the hormone progesterone in pregnancy makes some organs and tissues of the body become more “loose” or “relaxed.” This occurs in a way that facilitates the large volume expansion of the uterus that is to come. One of the organs that suffers this action are the intestines, that are with a smaller capacity to contract, having more difficulty to maintain the normal intestinal transit. 

Acne, blackheads and blackheads 

Hormonal changes can cause some pregnant women to develop acne or have worsening acne that they had before. 

Temperature Changes 

Pregnant women usually have temperature increases with frequencies, in case a woman has a persistent temperature change over a period of more than 2 weeks, it is likely that this pregnant woman. 

You feel like urinating 

After 6 weeks of pregnancy one of the symptoms that occur in almost 100% of women is an increase in the frequency with which the woman urinates since the fetus as it grows in size may compress a little the bladder by decreasing the Storage capacity. 




It is important that the woman knows the symptoms of pregnancy, these are indicative but not confirmatory, during pregnancy there is a series of symptoms that vary according to the woman some may experience one or several symptoms of the aforementioned and the symptoms of pregnancy can manifest themselves in the physical, psychological and emotional. 

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