[71] ~*Fri – 09/22/17*~

[7:53 pm]

Last night my hair was flat but of course it was all puffy in the morning. I think I will start sleeping sitting down. Haha! I also slept without a pill so I’m at four days. Of course I had said I wanted to go to bed early but it was like 1:30 by the time I put my book away. 

This morning I had an hour and a half to sleep between clients so of course that’s what I did. I had a hard time falling asleep but finally did when there wasn’t much time left. Pfft! When I got to my next client, he didn’t feel like going out so I could of stayed in bed. I was meant to be good but nope, I went out to eat at DQ with my friend. 

I also went back to the new toys store and bought my niece her gift but I might return tomorrow to get a bit more cause, as if she doesn’t have enough. Blah! 50-something $$ for a few Schleich. Unbelievable! And I want to go get her two more. I’m crazy! We already over spent this month and I’m just adding to it. I just always say $100 for their birthday’s and $50 for Xmas as I have to buy for both at the same time although last year I spent way more as one was more than a $100 to herself. Oh well.. We never get them anything beside birthday’s and Xmas so I guess it’s alright. I just hope we’re gonna start being better at spending cause lately we’re always over spending cause of things like windows, doors, dentist, etc. It’s been a hard year. 

Anyways, I hate how I always want things done right away. I had to force myself to come home after work and not return to the store to get my niece’s gift. I knew I could go tomorrow with a client, would give us something to do but I always want things right away so deep down I wanted to go buy them after I was done which is silly cause it comes to the same but it’s just how I am. I wanted all bought and wrap which I don’t see her till Oct 4th so there’s no rush. If I’d be listening to myself I could just get back out there and go right now.

I just ate and I’m washing our bedding cause I just feel like sleeping in a nice clean bed tonight. I also need to do the dishes cause of course hub hasn’t done the suggies kitchen. I don’t even remember the last time he did it. Grr him!





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