Autumn 🍂 …

But not the fall… no sadness, no despair!
I choose to think of it as awesomeness of colour-fair!

blissful bursts of painter’s brushes


I heard that strange and long forgotten sound – just like a dry leaf’s rustle around my feet.
I looked surprised! Under my sandal ….
Could it be – a yellow, fallen leaf!!!
Oh, no! My eyes went up –
I Checked the sky,
I checked the trees,
I even checked the date!
I even checked the faces on the street!

Is it already here!?
My summer slips away…
while I’m still sipping slow-light-heartedly
its every kiss.
How is that possible?
I haven’t noticed.
Autumns Flair!!!

Yet, It is true. The golden leaves dance merrily around my summer shoes!
As if they’re teasing me!
“Surprise! Surprise! You didn’t see it coming!”
Oh! Yes, in deed! I didn’t….
They really took me by surprise this time!

Yet, I feel fine.
Just fine.

A very abrupt kiss good-bye,
my summer strolling down main street of down town!
I saw her giggling as she winked at me!
Into thin air she disappeared, into a flame.
So suddenly summer was gone!

Autumn is taking over!

suddenly so Busy.. rushing .. 

Slow done!

Let me please catch up with my soul…

I don’t know why and how, but
I’m not sad and glum this time around.
I’m smiling on the inside even though I’m getting cold. It’s windy! But it’s somehow beautiful to walz away with the golden whirls and stumble into painted piles!

Is it my fancy new umbrella! Or is it just the tasty smell of cinnamon and honey on my pumpkin pie! Strangely enough, autumn really surprises me this time! Could she be prettier indeed!? Loved the color, but hated the cold! Now I’m kinda loving it all and I’m just autumnly bold! No fear of the rain! No frowns at the winds! No angry feasts at the grey cloudy skies! No more sadness… no more falling pain…

I love autumn!
She overpowered me this time around!

And I’m thankful!
It was about time!





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