Day 572 & 573 – Tests & funny future situations

Wednesday, September 20th 2017

I think I’m gonna skip this day, since it wasn’t particularly interesting.

Thursday, September 21st 2017

Lots of tests and stuff.

Had my vocabulary test in English. I think I did very, very well. I also turned in my essay draft. Could have turned in it earlier during the class to have a chance of him correcting it by the end, but I can always wait, no biggie.

In technology I spent all my time in class trying to find how to work something in Blender. I discovered my error, which was this tiny little thing, and now I’m back on track.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and we talked about charley horses and restless legs syndrome. We thought I’d be funny if one day as we are in the same bed as our future husbands, I suddenly started doing the bicycle, since I have restless legs syndrome, and for my friend, she basically flips over and screams into her pillow when she has a charley horse. They’d probably have a “what the…” reaction at first, haha.

I had French next and we took notes, read, and the usual.

In math we had our test. I managed to do the bonus question as well, and I was panicking at one question, not knowing what to do, but I figured it out at the literal last minute. Luckily it’s a small question, so I wrote it down on time. Although, not sure if I still got it right. I believe I was at least on the right track though.

At home I did basically nothing. I just relaxed a lot. I also went to the dentist, and later watched Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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