Forgotten tunes

Why do we love songs that are clearly no longer in rotation? Why do these songs of the past hold the same emotion as they did long ago? Still the same essence long after the last dance? What is the purpose of those karaoke songs that we seem to bellow from the depths of our souls?

And why, when I sing them, do I feel that my notes travel through more than just the moment than I am in? (try it)

Why does a song at times act as a transport system? Why, when it comes on, do I get instantly get taken back to a moment in my life?

If we are to let memories and life flow through us, if we are a meant to move forward, why can we preserve moments within songs, within photographs?

We can resurface the exact notes, the exact moments, which spoke to us on that day back when.

Does this help us in any other way than nostalgic recollection?

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