People never really change

People never really change.  Maybe they do for a little while but they eventually revert back to their old habits and ways of thinking.  It also depends on the person and if they really do want to change.  I gave Anthony a chance thinking he had changed or maybe was more aware of his ways but yet again today I’m reminded of why I stopped having contact with him.  We were doing fine actually until tonight we were supposed to go to this Halloween store and we talked on the phone to hash out plans…then out of nowhere the phone call got kind of joking to all heated and it just bothered me.  I mean he just jokes too much and goes too far with it.  Way too far.  It’s like he doesn’t have a filter and he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing on the planet.  I’m just not like that nor do I enjoy it.  We are just two completely different people and I even told him straight up “thank you for reminding me why I stopped talking to you.”   So now I’m sitting at home with canceled plans.  Which I don’t even really care.  I mean I would much rather stay at home and do nothing than even think of going out with him again.  I mean some other guy already promised me some wine and a massage so we’ll see how that goes tonight but honestly I’m fine with staying in.  I didn’t do much today except go to the gym and see the movie It.  It was good except I’ve seen so many horror movies that I think I’ve gotten quite a bit jaded and I barely get scared anymore.  It kind of sucks but it’s not like I still don’t enjoy watching them.  Other than that I’ve got work tomorrow then I finally have a weekend day off Saturday.  I’m thinking of going to the corn maze I just don’t know who to invite.  All I know is another person is out.  People are dropping like flies in my life right now! 

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