Why homosexuality is NOT a sin

Had a great Bible study. Studied Leviticus 18:22 “you shall not lie with a man as you would a woman, it is abomination..” The word “lie with” in Hebrew DOES NOT refer to consenting sex between two gay men in love. It’s commonly used to describe rape. Thus, Leviticus was not condemning loving homosexuality as many conservative Christians claim. The other reason why this was detestable was because of it’s association with pagan worship at the time. I’ve read that worshipers of a specific idol would have anal intercourse with that idol’s priest in order to offer their semen to a specific god. Clear as day why God would condemn that behavior lol. Of course pastors won’t tell you that in their Study Bibles because then their argument against homosexuality falls apart lol.

People assume that Lot and the case of the men of Sodom wanting to homosexually rape the three angels means homosexuality in general is a sin. Not the case. It’s homosexual rape that was being condemned partially because of it’s association with heathen worship. Ironically Lot’s daughters then rape Lot later on. Interestingly the same word in Hebrew used to describe “lay with” in Gen. 19:31-35 is used Leviticus 18:22 “you shall not lie with a man as you would a woman..” It becomes clear that Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t destroyed by homosexuality especially when it’s between two loving same-sex partners.


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