Not accepting someones identity or preferences is fucked up like what will you lose if they wanted to be different. The standard and normal things that human create somehow should not be our basis to live. I have been to so many dark nights because I don’t fit in and I always felt I don’t belong and shit I tried so hard but whatever the main purpose I wrote this is to whoever reading this at the moment and relate to this story, well, I know its not easy and looking back I honestly don’t know how I got the courage not to give up and its one of the reason I am grateful since. Millions of negative thoughts rushing to my brain but accepting the confusion and just hoping that I’ll have it all figure out I guess makes it more reasonable at the time so I was like wiping my tears and said to myself give tomorrow a chance. Well I don’t know if this makes sense but the best phrase I instill in my mind is to love myself and I am worthy of love and gentleness (mostly gentle mind). Also, I learned that time heals and letting go is very difficult but we all have to in order to have peace of mind.


I am not on the ideal situation that i wanted to be but I just don’t give a fuck as long as I know I am at peace and continue to learn and love then I am not afraid. I am moving on, who knows maybe one day I’ll be more than what I imagined but for now food is on my mind.:)

(I wrote this because I saw a short film about being gay in a not so diverse and accepting place.) 

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