[72] ~*Sat – 09/23/17*~

[1:32 pm]

Why oh why am I always so darn tired in the morning. I know I haven’t been taking my pill but I’m still sleeping the exact same as when I take it. Every morning I’m so tired and just want to crawl back in bed. I tell myself I’d be going to bed early at night and I just don’t seem to be able to do it. Last night I went to bed at around 10 but it was midnight before I got ready to sleep. Although to be fair, I did fall asleep in the middle of reading. I just really need to stop looking at the time and lately hub isn’t helping. He used to come to bed around 6:30 so I still had two hours to sleep, now he comes at almost 8. 

I could be going to bed right now and could of went like half an hour ago but I’m forcing myself to stay away from the bed. I just ate and wrapped my niece’s gift. Right now I’m doing some laundry and will watch a TV show and maybe play on my farming game just so I don’t end up going to bed. I also need to clean the suggies tray before I go back to work, I keep forgetting. I have a feeling I will be sleeping at the movie as I didn’t go for a nap. Maybe I should of went..

Almost a week and I’m now debating about my hair. It’s always the same with me. I really like it, then I find mistakes, tell myself I’ll stop cause it’s never perfect enough for me but then I still redo it cause I always get nice compliment. This time it’s the pink. One side is showing way more than the other. I don’t know if it’s because of how she cut it or if it’s the way I set it but you see a lot of pink on one side and on the other you barely see it. Blah!

My body also feels sore and I haven’t even worked at the store yet. This is just sad. I feel so old when I’m not. I’m just glad my client didn’t ask to go for a walk as she had mentioned wanting to go last week. We went to this DIY pottery place instead. I always thought you actually did pottery but you just pick an already made item and paint it. It’s really nice but I didn’t make anything cause I didn’t want to spend money. My client decided to paint a mug for an Xmas gift. A lot of people were there with kids. I always thought it was more of an adult place cause it’s a cafe. I kinda want to go back at some point and actually make one but nothing is ever perfect enough for me so I don’t know if I should even try. We also went back to the toys store so I could buy what I wanted to buy last night. I ended up spending another $10. I just hope she’ll be happy. I would of rather bought her Animal Jam like she wanted but I couldn’t find any and I wanted to have her gift ready for when we go for our lil trip. I might look for some online for Xmas. 

I keep almost telling my friend about going to the in-laws and I really don’t want to let her know as I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be coming if she’d knew. The other day I was telling her that mom wasn’t gonna come meet us in town, that we’d pick her up and go to the in-laws from there. I stopped myself and just said we’d be meeting mom at her place. Yesterday I almost said it again cause I was saying that I wanted to get my niece’s gift now so we could give it to her when we go there on the 3rd. I caught myself again and said I wanted to buy it now cause there was a 25% off for the weekend at the new store. Ouff! 


[2:06 pm]

I want to go sleep so darn bad right now. Arg! I should of went when I had the time. I barely have half an hour so there’s no point in going but I’m so very tired at the moment. This really sucks!




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