I saw a girl I went to college with at the place I work at the other day.  I wasn’t sure if it was her, but it was.  And she did the “beeline to the bathroom and do not make eye contact” thing.  

She’s successful while I’m working for less than $10/hr in a restaurant.  Still has the same fucking attitude problem too.  

Some things just don’t change.  And those things hurt.  I went home with a bruised ego (not that my ego is really big to begin with) and cried when I got home.  Even just a hello would’ve been nice.  Her and her entire friend circle from school were always stuck up trust fund brats.  Silver spoons, the whole lot.  I tried to be friends with them.  I really did.  But they never liked me and it showed.  I wasted a lot of time trying.  

Someday, maybe I’ll be successful too.  

One thought on “Avoid”

  1. People like that are not even worthwhile bothering about, u should always be respectful of everyone u meet regardless of their success! She is obviously not worth your friendship x

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