Confessions of an Unsigned Artist Quiet by John Mayer

Above Pic: steering wheel of car just purchased to sit in the garage and keeping as much value as possible. 

They just are n’t worth my unprofitable time, and I finally figured it out. I’m blessed that I have n’t been tricked into having a child I did prepare for, hurting myself beyond repair for the sake of some other self righteous and/or overly self centered person.

There has been a stout consistency of me interacting with a female, hoping it exceeds in a certain way, reading affirmations about it. An event or two happen the way I want, but most of it overall does n’t. 

The comfort is in the reality that it’s way fucked up for a lot of people right now. Way much more than a person who operates on her own concerns over others. There is just way more going on than that. I’m blessed with the empathy to see it…

The solution is not to even look to interact with women or anyone, unless it’s for work purposes. Everything else, don’t give a fuck about it…

If you too are not gettin’ the results you want out of relationships, than change your perspective. Maybe what your repeatedly seeing is a road to succees that you have been manipulated into thinking adversary for the favor of a reality that ultamitly limits you. 

Real talk, ftw. Create your own…Be the majick in all it’s splendor and limitless power…


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