Day 30

Today is the last day of 30 days Miracle Morning program and the time to make the oulines. But, I won’t do that for the several reasons. First, I did not wake up early every morning and thought it was not, according to the MM book, a nessesity, that is what I would like to do at the end. For now, thought, it is sometimes much more comforable just to leave it as it is.

Then, I am NOT finishing the program. Oppositely, that is my nice daily routine now – the one I’m going to hold in my life. I am not dropping it. Thought, writting the journal I will omit – I do another type of writing now.

Now, for the day. It was a great day again, expasially the morning part. What was really important for me today comparing to the other days during this week, is that I overcame all the disbalances I had today. The mood I have is undescribable and I hope to have it for always from now on, because I seems like I’ve found the key for it…

I’ve started to learn Spanish again today. Thank you, God, the nature, myself. I love you.

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