Dysfunctional vs. healthy relationship with God

I realized that alot of people have a dysfunctional relationship with God. The church teaches alot of things not found in the Bible. Like in worship songs, you’ll hear stuff like “God is all i need…you are everything…” God is not all you need. It’s dysfunctional because you’re putting God 1st at the expense of everything else – food, water, money, sex, relationships, education, etc. That’s not what God teaches. What a healthy relationship with God looks like is you work on your own needs, wants, life, career, etc. while acknowledging God as the source of it all. Alot of Christians like to post or talk about themselves as if they are perfect or holy ex. posting nothing but Scriptures. That’s not healthy either because you’re not being yourself. You’re being who people expect you to be or who you want to see yourself as. Someone who is spiritually healthy is able to share both the good and bad aspects of their lives (physical, emotional, sexual, mental, etc.) God’s work isn’t limited to just reading the Bible, praying, fasting, miracles, etc. It’s also finding out who you are and developing your own life along with other lives.

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