Friendly reminder

So, tonight I was at home watching some series, and then my mom came in, and out of nowhere she asks me: tell me what happened with this guy that you dated a few weeks ago? and I was like, really? So, I said that nothing happened we don’t talk anymore, he unfollowed me on IG, which to hones I was surprised about, like why would he do that? It’s not like I was checking on him all the time, anyway, I did the same. And then she said, and what about the other one, the younger one? I was afraid that she would ask about him, (I get along pretty well with my mom, and we talk about everything, so I always tell him when I’m dating someone or if I met someone, so of course I told her about this guy, (the guy I’ve been constantly talking about) at the time she told, what r u thinking dating someone like him, he looks like a kid, how old is he? and I was like well I know he looks younger but his 25 so, it’s sort of Ok, anyway, I’ve been trying to not think too much about him, and now she asks me about him, like REALLY?  The last thing I want right now it’s to be reminded of him, but hey thanks karma, thank you for that reminder. So, I told her the truth, I kept it cool of course, like no big deal, we don’t talk anymore, we talk about 3 weeks ago and that was it, you know I don’t like to chase people like a puppy, and he’s in Mexico now, so he’s probably really bussy with work and all the chaos from the earthquake, besides, if he wanted to talk to me he would have send me a text or anything,, but he hasn’t, and I’m not planning in doing ir either (that’s a lie, hahaha I want to talk to him really bad, but I’m trying really really hard not to do it). And she didn’t say anything else, just oh that’s fine, I don’t like to chase men either, but I know that she wanted to say “I told you, you r not going to find another guy like your exboyfriend, you should get back together with him, no one else it’s gonna treat you like he does”, instead there was an awkward silence. So of course that threw me out a little, and I couldn’t help myself and I went through his twitter account just to see if he’s fine, or anything, he keeps posting stuff about getting help for the earthquake, he even posted his phone number, like who does that? and said that he would share his appartment to any volunteer whose going to Mex. that made me smile a little, cause I know he’s that type, hahaha I’m such a loser, I keep obsessing myself with him. I got a haircut today, (cause I have a party tomorrow) and as usual I posted some videos of me at the salon, and with my new haircut, yeah of course a I did it hoping to get his attention, cause on our date we met there, at that salon, I had an appointment for a haircut and he went to pick me up there, I was hoping that he would say something, but, nothing… I need to get over this shit.

On the afternoon I went shopping with my ex, he asked me if he could borrow one of my credit cards to pay for supplies cause he’s having a party tomorrow with the guys from his work, and I said yes, tomorrow it’s his birthday, I feel a little guilty to keep thinking and thinking about someone else, and all this time his been chasing me, asking for another chance to get back together, the irony of life, he’s chasing me, I’m rejecting him, and the guy that I want rejected me…  He didn’t invite me to his party, or anything and I was kinda glad he didn’t, cause I think that would have been weird, since we are not together anymore and I was gonna feel bad either way, cause if he would ask me to go with him, I’m pretty sure I would have said yes, cause I mean it’s his birthday, but it would have been awkward to be together when we are not really together.

When we were leaving my house, he try to hold me from the back but i moved quickly and just laugh (to ease a little my rejection), and he made a face serious, and a little sad, so I change the subject and try to keep the conversation flowing, I think I have to that everytime he tries to make a move, cause I don’t want to give him false hopes of us getting back together. It’s better this way.

I hope to have a great time at the party tomorrow, I asked a friend to go with me, cause I didn’t want to go alone, and also cause I’m gonna have to tell everyone that after a relationship of 5 and a half years, I’m single again. And that’s not gonna be fun, cause they met me when I was single, and they heard say several times that I wanted to be in a serious relationship, that I was so tired of being single, and look at me now, almost 30 and back to being single.

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