How do i deal with feelings for my therapist?

To clarify, she’s not my individual therapist. She’s my group therapist and we don’t completely work with each other. By that i mean she doesn’t have my files on record. Services are completely free and we set boundaries at the beginning of therapy so it seems the “no client/therapist relationships” rule doesn’t apply here. I do see potential for dating but not sure. I don’t want people talking to me about how it’s wrong to date clients/therapists. That’s not relevant to the question. 

That being said, i’ve been having feelings for her quite some time now. She’s beautiful, around my age,  educated, sweet, kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, caring, list goes on. She seems very happy to see me and i sense a bit of closeness on her part. She wants me to keep seeing her. She got uncomfortable when i casually looked at her rings. Judging by her body language, i do see some attraction there. I’m not sure if she likes me, if she knows i like her, or if i should even tell her. I just don’t want things to be awkward or tense between us. I know i’m there for therapy and not for romance but i can’t shake off these feelings. I also know maybe it’s just me loving the idea of her and how she makes me feel. The last thing i want is for us to have to split up. I’m trying to do what’s best for myself and not do something out of line. It’s difficult to do by myself. If however it’s possible for us to date then i’d take that chance.

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