The Depth Of Love

my heart still bears your name, even after all this time. your phantom presence fills my heart despite my efforts to push it away. you have managed to mark yourself indelibly in every crevice of my heart. through pain and sadness, the hurt has progressed from physical pain to an echoing numbness all the while still being in love with you. how can I begin to love another when I can no longer claim my heart as my own?

it has been said that love needs reciprocation to grow; I am hoping that my heart realizes that the absence of you and release my heart from your grasp. otherwise, your face still haunts my waking hours and my restless dreams. I swear I see glimpses of you in the streets. that your shadow walks beside mine and I am holding your hand

One thought on “The Depth Of Love”

  1. I totally feel you on this. Had this happen so many times in my life. Sometimes i feel this way. Makes me not want to feel anything at all.

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