Our beginning- C

Have you ever felt like you were in a movie? Your life events were just unreal. The hottest boy in your high school wants to date you, he wants to love you, he wants to marry you. How crazy is that?

There was something about walking up in to high school that made me think I was invincible. I had my best friend and we would talk boys until you wished you were anywhere but there. We were obnoxious and annoying but were having the time of our lives so we didn’t care what other people thought.

But there was this one boy. He was beautiful, like someone you would see in a movie, hair glistening, perfect smile, and could talk up anyone about anything.Boy could we talk about him! He was something extraordinary, and I will never know how I got so lucky to have this heartbreaking experience. I will never forget the first time we spoke. Riding the train at our local fair, he was right there, flirting it up with my friend of course. I didn’t care, lucky her, right? She’s talking to HIM! I was friends with HER. This was an instant cool factor. After making a complete fool of herself, it was my turn to be humiliated. I could never forget his callused hand reaching out to shake mine. “You’re Karen, right?” I swear if my hands weren’t sweating before, they were now. He knew my name?? MY NAME!! I coudln’t believe those words came from his mouth. This junior boy, beautiful and tall and with perfect lips, said my freshmen name, with such ease, and we were only two weeks into school. He knew me. I loosened my hand to not seem too tense and replied, “Yup that’s me, and your name?” Of course I knew his name, but my crazy ass thought this was what they called ‘playing hard to get.’ Those were our first words.

There was a look in his eyes. There was something portrayed as so genuine, but I saw right through him. I knew everything about him before we even started talking. I wasn’t a total stalker or anything, I just knew him. He loved that I was sarcastic, but never mean. Our day continued, and he ended up finding me later on. Butterflies on butterflies, let me tell you. He was something special.

We had candy apples and flirted and laughed. And that was it. That was when we met, and I thought that was where everything would end. I was so wrong.

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