[73] ~*Sun – 09/24/17*~

 [9:55 pm]

Today wasn’t too bad. I worked at the store and it went fairly quick. My body hurts from everywhere though. I watched the last episode of season four of Orange Is The New Black, did the dishes and relaxed in a nice bath. I’m sorta sleepy right now but what’s new. I’ve been tired early ever since I stopped taking my sleeping pill which I still can’t believe I’ve been able to sleep this long without.

While I was in the tub I was looking at my toes and I had noticed this before but didn’t think more of it but now I’m a bit scared. The very bottom of my toenail on the toe I smashed on the fridge a few weeks ago is a little black. It doesn’t seem to be the nail itself but more like the part where the cuticle starts. I didn’t think more of it cause my toe had started hurting again for no reason but now I’m a bit scared. I read online and everyone says it’s normal but I just don’t know as like I just said, it doesn’t seem to be the nail itself but the base. I’ll try not to think about it and ask the doc when I see him if it’s still like that when we go in a few weeks.

Tomorrow night we’re going to the Casino. Woot woot! I just realized it’s our last time as it’s the last free $5 we got. Unless they send us a new one for the next month. That said, I better make some money. I’m just asking for a hundred dollars to finish the month. Haha!




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