74. We went from 14 legs to 10

Morning feeding time is depressing. Feeding two dogs verses three dogs. Soon enough, I’ll only be feeding one, if I can’t get Dakota and Tux to get along. My four legged fur baby is gone..

Antoinette picked up Lola yesterday. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought that it was going to be, thought she did stick around longer then I expected. She came down and played with Lola for a little bit and let me play with her, we talked, then went had a cigarette and talked. Then the next thing I know she’s in the blunt rotation with my sister, brother in law and my self. Odd. I really thought that it was going to be a quick process, as she’s kind of a bitch, and was about this situation as well. As if, my two dogs almost killing each other, and giving one away isn’t hard enough. Then, to throw in having to see her….know my dog is going to be laying with her dude. The only comfort I have in this, is knowing that she will be taken care of, and loved.

Each day I’m setting aside time to really train Tux, and Dakota. Again, If keeping Dakota is an option.

This is seriously…heart breaking. My dogs are everything to me. Ann, my house, my grandmother, my dogs….everything is slowly just….being ripped away.

Off to the slave trade.

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