Alpha Camp Learning Journal Wk5

1. Objective: What did you do this week? 
– Google Analytics
– Content Marketing
– Kick-off Capstone Project

2. Reflective: How did you feel this week?
Not easy to create the right content and measurement metric. But if we would change the way of interpretation of a campaign – that is to think in a way that what is required to attract customers in a physical shop, would be the appealing point to our target audience on the digital platform; it would be much easier to develop the metrics and KPI of our campaign.

 3. Interpretive: What did you learn this week? Any reflection, questions and problems.
Issues always appear when we need to work in a team. Each member has their own “targets” and “speed” to keep up with. This is a project that combines the work of DM and Web team but apparently the deadline and progress of the product are not inline.

4. Decisional: What are you going to do next week?
I would continue to help all members in keeping all communication and discussion opened, ensure all members are kept aware of the progress for each team and to help out each team member whenever help is required.

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