B’s Camping Trip

 Brandy fucked off on the 14th and the 15th with her Open Door group and   Everything about the whole thing stinks ,  and call me a cynic or just come by Naver stupid like that yeah I read into a little bit more than what’s going on maybe that’s a bad  nervous twitch ,  but I’ve always been able to call speed speed and that potential shit that’s happening around me that’s why am going to try to run without any real repercussions it’s was my moms birthday yesterday And I   Couldn’t Care less .  Cyphania keep’s bringing us little gifts like birds and  happy mice ,she  has truly  come in to herOwn,this is going to be her first full winter as an adult and her Fur is.   Making her look butchy. She is   Close to twice the size of Cozmo,but she still knows who the king of the castle is as do we all regardless of   What certain peoples opinions Think .. It’s  getting really hard and you are not charger past favouritism and that’s ome of the things that are being  brought to your attention . Yet you must be blind because I don’t see it on my half we will pick him up at the same time same day but imagine this house people of left with him from day one from the start he does get treated any different either. So it’s a different feeling  I nto cats  couldn’t even imagine if they were kids .

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