The first kiss- C

The way his hair swooped across his face. It was majestic and special and something totally noteworthy, take note of that. He could cock his head just to the left and shake his hair, ah I can picture it now, can you?

The first time he kissed me, this is something to be ashamed of and brag about.

He was texting me, calling me, talking to me every spare chance he got. “You’re different,” he told me, which I was sure he told everyone, but I let it slide, I was talking to the hottest guy in school, I mean c’mon you would do the same thing.

We met at Polo Ridge, it was a school adjacent to my neighborhood. There was something so thrilling about sneaking off and going to see this boy, as there always is in doing something you’re not supposed to do. I jumped in his bright yellow car and we pulled away. The smell was something so unique, I’ll always remember his scent, like a subtle Mahogany Teakwood. The radio was up and that would be the first time I heard Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking ball.” Anyway. He had pillows and blankets in the back seat, seats down, and we were definitely about to make out. This time, my hands got really sweaty. wow. talk about wet. We were in the Kohl’s parking lot and he got out, came and opened the door for me.

This tension is really building up for me, sorry.

He said, “Well is there something you think we should get out of the way?”
I just smiled. I didn’t know what to do???? Obviously I knew this fucker was here just to make out with me or hook up or whatever but there should not be that much speaking involved right?


We kissed. Jumping in to the back of his car, we talked for about a half hour, made out a little in-between, but that was it. We talked and laughed and got to know each other. It was special. It was more than I thought. I was elated. This was the biggest thing in my world. This boy wanted me, he wanted to kiss me and listen to me and he was just something so special. He was picture perfect and he wanted to be with me, but don’t forget, we couldn’t tell anyone.

I mean I was a freshman? He couldn’t be seen with me. I remember him calling me his dirty little secret. That stings now. That fucking kills.

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