french braid.

On Friday, I went to the homecoming pep rally before staying two more hours to volunteer to set up the homecoming decorations in the cafeteria.

The pep rally was LOUD. But it was pretty lit and I felt that same swell of ridiculous school pride as our cheerleaders, marching band, football players, and teachers hyped us all up for the dance (which is occurring right now) and the football game that happened yesterday. I also managed to “peer pressure” JS into going with me. Although I did sign up to do the volunteering with her after school even though I signed up literally during the pep rally.

I had fun, but the volunteering sort of annoyed me because everything was so unorganized and no one had a really clear idea of what was supposed to happen. I’m too tired to type out all the details, but my arms are still sore from carrying (actually only two) chairs all the way across the street to the football field. That’s partially (well, mostly) because I’m so weak and have no arm strength. Or physical strength in general. But it was nice knowing how the place would look in general once it was all finished being decorated! I hope everyone there is having fun now ๐Ÿ˜€ The theme was “City of Lights”, so there were two mini towers, lots and lots of string lights, and spraypainted black paper, as well as more decorations that hadn’t gone up yesterday.

I was going to buy makeup, but it was really too hot to go outside. So I tried to learn how to do my hair instead. I tried French-braiding, but it turned out very loose and terrible. Although to be fair, it WAS my first attempt. So I know how to do it in theory, I just need more practice.

For someone who has always had such long hair, you’d think I would know what to do with it already. But I really don’t, which is why I want to know how to do some nice hairstyles. I’ve tried to, but some tutorials tell you to do “a simple French braid”, which I never knew how to do before.

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