Bugs of Today 1: The Ladybug

Today a ladybug landed on me, and then later an inch worm. Through the powers of projection I connected with them on a level never before known to mankind. For a moment we were united.

The ladybug landed on my chest as I was walking toward the coffee shop.  At first it was just a blurry insect shape and I thought to brush it away, but then noticing it was a ladybug, I decided I would not.  It is a cute bug.  I couldn’t think of a reason to shoo it away, other than the lack of safety of riding on a clumsy man like me, and having it on my shoulder could somehow benefit me.  Then may be when the plan formed.   It was now my passenger. 

As I entered the coffee shop, I feigned unawareness of the ladybug, which was beginning to crawl from my shoulder onto my back, and the strap of the bag I carried.  At the counter was the woman I had come to see.  She seems like an interesting woman.  She has a purposeful notch in one eyebrow, and does not shave her armpits, but she’s got this textured, yet soft voice. Dreamy and hazy.  Someone I’d want to hear talk about themselves.

I approached the counter and said some delightful pleasantry to her.  I can’t remember what I said now.  Some diverting strange thing like usual.  I can’t really remember words after they’ve left my mouth.  When I finished my order I turned over my shoulder and “noticed” the ladybug there.  “Oh, I have a passenger,”  I said as I turned to display the insect, now crawling back onto my shoulder as if on cue.

“Oooh,” said the barrista in an endearing tone, and she leaned in to see it.  I kept my gaze on the bug, and appraised it in a manly manner.  She reached across the counter and scooped up the lady bug off my shoulder.  I chuckled warmly.  The ladybug was transferred, and then freed outdoors by her.

Then I went and sat down and waited for my cappuccino.

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