[74.1] ~*Mon – 09/25/17*~

[11:17 pm]

I’m pissed right now. There was this special lil event on my farming game and I thought I had more time to finish it but looks like I missed it. I was so close of getting all I needed to get the items and now I’m left with having to choose between two items and I have no clue which one I want more. I was so sure I was gonna be able to get more stuff to get both. Arg! I miscalculated the time left on the event and now I’m super pissed at myself cause I’ve spent time and in game items to collect the books needed for this event and now it’s all wasted cause I can’t use them all as I don’t have enough to get both items. Bleh! I’m very sad! This is why I hate doing events on games.

I really hate how I work myself up for nothing. I mean, it’s an item in a darn game and I’m super pissed about it. I just can’t decided which one I want to get and it’s pissing me off even more. I shouldn’t be allowed to play games, I should stick to reading books.

Well, back to my show.. I just had to rant about it.




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