[74] ~*Mon – 09/25/17*~

[10:09 pm]

It’s been a week that I’ve slept without a sleeping pill. Crazy! It’s been going not too bad. Last night I ended up going to sleep around 1 am. This morning I didn’t really felt like getting up so I kept hoping for a cancellation. The new client I have on Mon morning is actually an old client of mine which used to cancel all the time so I was hoping for her to cancel this morning. Around 8:15 I got a text and I was all happy cause I thought it was her cancelling but it was my client of 4 o’clock that was already cancelling. I don’t know why that client always cancel so early in the morning when I only have her late afternoon. Hey, I won’t complain. So yea, I woke up and was getting ready for work when I got a call at 8:35 to say that my morning client had cancelled. Woot woot! Back to bed I go. Haha! I was laying in bed and couldn’t really fall back asleep but like I’ve said before, if I’m home and it’s because of cancellation or what not, I’ll be sleeping. I don’t know why I’m like that. So yea, I got a little more sleep and then woke up around 11:30 as I had a client at noon. When I was done with her, I picked up my friend and we went to the Casino which we didn’t win. Bouhuhu! I was hoping for a bit of cash as it was our last time. Sad!

I worked at the store tonight and I always feel so rushed when I work Mon night. The manager always seem to ask me to repair stuff on Mon night which I work three hours so that doesn’t give me much to do. I worked on repairing stuff for like an hour and told myself I had to stop cause I still had to clean the store. I freaking hit the ram with my leg and it hurts. It was bleeding but I didn’t have time to clean it up so I did it when I got home and gosh it was stinging. Now I have a nice crust of blood on my leg. Bleh!

I was supposed to take a shower and wash my hair tonight but I think I will wait tomorrow. I might try to wash the pink separately to try and keep it pink but I don’t know, I might just give up if it’s too much work. I don’t like working at the store on Mon night cause then I get home too late and I don’t want to bother with washing my hair and drying it so I wait on Tue but then this Wed I won’t have time to straight my hair as I have a client in the morning. I think she’s putting me for next Mon as well and we’re going to mom’s on Tue so I won’t be able to wash my hair Tue so I don’t know what I’ll be doing. I don’t want to do it at mom place cause I need to use gloves and all as the dye makes a mess. I also have a mat in my shower so I don’t stain the shower. I might have to suck it up and do it on Mon night even thought I finish late or maybe do it Sun night. I guess I shall see next week.

Beside that, not too much. I got home and hub went to bed. He said he was tired and his back was hurting. I hope the doc can give him new pills when we see him. I’m glad he’s going to bed now though, he’ll be up during the day so we’ll be able to do stuff. Although we’re kinda running low on money for the month, looks like we’ll be going over budget. Blah! Oh well..

Since he didn’t feed the suggies before going to bed, I’ll have to do that. I also have to go to the store tomorrow and get stuff to make them more food as they are at their last cubes. There’s a bit of dishes that needs to be done and I wanted to do that tonight as well as putting some laundry away but I think I might wait tomorrow. I don’t really have plans beside going to the store to buy the stuff to make the suggies food and maybe go see a movie, it will all depends on how I feel. So yea, I should have time to do the dishes and put the laundry away.

I’m a bit hungry so I should get some food and watch Chesapeake Shores. Oh yea, before I go, I had a nice surprise at the store tonight. Since I was talking about repairing stuff, apparently we made it on the list of stores that did good on repairing stuff instead of putting them in the damages so we got some money. Mind you it’s giftcards for the store but it’s still good as I always shop at the store. I got a big $75. Awesome! I didn’t win at the Casino but I still made some money. Haha!




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