Day 574, 575 & 576 – Kohai & fangirl problems

Woops. Didn’t mean to end up having to write three entries. I seriously need to get back into the habit of one entry per day.

Friday, September 22nd 2017

That day was productive. Almost all day I worked on my portfolio. My dad also gave me some tips that I need to work on.

In the evening I went out to go shopping with my mom and Kohai! We ended up finding a lot of clothes very quickly compared to when my mom and I go shopping and come back empty handed. My mom said she was on the edge of adopting Kohai because of that, haha. She also managed to find what she wanted, which looks great on her! We also found matching hoodies, and my mom bought them for us, which was sweet of her!

Saturday, September 23rd 2017

This day was busy again, but lazy.

I watched YouTube videos a lot, but Kohai came over to talk to my dad about one of the career choices she’s looking at. I also took her out for bicycling a little bit. It was so hot outside though. It was 40°C or so outside, which is crazy. We haven’t had a summer day that hot, yet it’s the start of autumn and we do. Didn’t feel to bad though, cause I’m used to the heat now after my job. I remember when the heat used to make me nauseous, and I could only handle the cold. Both temperatures are fine with me now.

At home I just relaxed, since I was pretty tired. Been pretty tired lately, not sure why. Anyhow, I watched Supernatural as usual.

Sunday, September 24th 2017

Today was definitely a lazy day. I did basically nothing. Well, I did a couple of somewhat productive things.

I made homemade chocolate icecream! I made quite the mess, and I think I didn’t have as much ingredients as I needed to, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I put it in the freezer when I was done and had to wait four hours.

I practiced correcting French texts since we have a quiz with one Tuesday. I’m not as good in French as I should be. I’m gonna practice some more tomorrow and review the grammar rules our teacher gave us. This is definitely the quiz that will not do great for my grade, although it’s only a quiz, not a test. We’ll also have Beschrelles (French grammar conjugation book) allowed during the quiz, which is good, since conjugation for verbs in French isn’t my strongest suit.

After supper I tried out the icecream with my brother. It’s really thick and rich. I didn’t have as much chocolate as the recipe recommended, but I think it had more than enough. It tasted great though! Texture was softer than store bought icecream, but better than store bought in everything.

I watched three episodes of Supernatural and got really excited over Crowley related things, to the point I’ll grin like an idiot and clap my hands together rapidly in excitement. Something I realised lately is that I’ve been feeling really lazy. I thought about it and I constantly find myself thinking about Crowley. Then it dawned on me… You know that feeling when you’re in love and you can only think about that person and nothing else? I’m doing that, with Crowley, a fictional demon who’s actor is triple my age, plus a couple of years, and what I just found out, six days, cause his birthday is six days after mine… Why? Why do I have to be like this? Why a demon also of all fictional characters? The King of Hell, on top of that. I mean, I’ve fallen in love with fictional characters in the past, mostly villains, so him being a demon isn’t surprising, but to the point of being so distracted by a sociopath? I think he probably became one of my favourite characters of all time cause of this… It’s even embarrassing to admit I’m acting like this, haha. By the way, not the be confused with the actor; I rarely get infatuated with actors, because they exist, and they’re usually older men, so it would not be acceptable. A character is somewhat more acceptable, they are also usually in the thousands of years old for me, so age stops being a factor, and it’s the idea of them and the world they’re in, which usually consists of Sci-Fi, magic, or in this case the supernatural. To be obsessed with real people makes me feel kinda like a creep… But since I’m infatuated with the King of Hell, I can’t say much.

Well, that’s how it is for a fangirl, I suppose. That was embarrassing to admit, haha. I think I need a real boyfriend, and I mean a real one…

That’s all for today.

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