Ily in secret

I wonder if you ever think of me. The nights we spend Together, just sitting and talking about all the good and bad things, all the childhood memories and the grown up Stuff too. I wonder if that meant something to you. If its worth for you to Remember?


I miss those times when you would just hold my hand or put your arm around my neck and pull me in close to you and we would just sit There and point out our favorite stars. I miss how you would be all sweet and romantic One minute and then the next you would just turn around and push me up the wall and Kiss the fuck out of me.

I wonder if you miss that too?

Maybe it’s not because it’s a bad love. Maybe it’s just a case of bad timing. I really want to believe that. I wish you would see it that way too.

I Know I broke your heart when I ended it. It broke mine too. I didn’t want things to end for us, but I was so fucking scared, so I took the easy way.

You tried to act like it didn’t matter to you, but I knew your heart was bleeding, I could see it in your eyes. I should have fought harder for us, but it’s too late now. Even if it’s really not, it is.

You’re with her and Im with him and its not fair to anyone, because she’s such a Nice girl and he’s an Even greater guy.

I Guess you were right, when you said that it’s sad how we continually keep hurting each other. I Hope someday we wont anymore.

2 thoughts on “Ily in secret”

  1. Omggg… this is amazingly heartfelt… I hope you achieve peace and happiness. Maybe y’all are meant to be together instead of with others. <3 Good luck 🙂

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