Slow motion.

Work is slowly testing my patience. That is for damn sure. Ever since my one boss left, it’s been a downhill spiral. Because the other boss, which is the owner, has no idea what she’s doing. 

However, I have to stick it out at least for a few more months. I’ve decided that I’m not staying here. I even talked to my mom about it. This city used to be the city of my dreams. But it’s not like that anymore. I think I’ve said this in a previous entry. This city is completely ruined for me. I can finally go to that spot without feeling instantly sick though now. So that’s good. But once my lease is up. I’m getting away from here. I’ll find somewhere new. That’s what I need. A new beginning. I’ll never be completely happy as long as I’m here. 

As far as my relationship goes, it’s great. Perfect really. I can’t help but think sometimes it’s too good to be true. How can I not? I thought my last relationship was perfect when it was really the exact opposite. I don’t even know what it was. It wasn’t a relationship. I was in a relationship, my ex apparently was not. But I’m not getting back on that. I try to not let my past experiences effect my life. And he’s really understanding when it comes to reassuring me and whatnot. So that’s good. Like I said. He’s perfect. When I’m here. Alone. My mind goes a million miles a second. But as soon as I’m with him. No matter where I am. The world stops. And it’s like. We are moving in slow motion. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

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