30 Days

You forgive because God forgives. We live, and hopefully practice His love. We are all works in progress, and He understands that. He is here to help guide and protect us. It’s sometimes hard to catch the signs when you distract yourself. Be careful of who you put first. He talked to me a lot about relationships, in all aspects. We choose to listen to what is placed on our heart. And often times, we ignore our gut feeling. Human nature? IduhNO. Stupidity. Lol though, I’m a little harsh. God would probably just say stubborn. Or prideful. 

I asked for He and I to build back up our relationship, and baaaaaaaaby. Why he do it like thaaat? 😫 I actually know why. But anyway. He and I are in a good place right now. You’ve gotta be able to appreciate the journey of your trials. Learn as much as you can from them. Be open. 

Like I said, He spoke to me a lot about relationships. If you love someone/something, try your hardest to openly love. What does that mean? Be open the the flaws, the mistakes, the difficult times. Love as God loves. THEN you decide if you want to love them from afar or you wanna continue for it to be in your life. At the end of the day you doing what’s best for you. But somewhere along the line I think that people just got real comfortable throwing away relationships instead of trying to build them up. I mean, I know every scenario is different, but people just so easily give up now. Give up on family, friends, SO, life, yourself, God. Value your relationships. Value yourself. Value what you got. If you want something you gotta work for it, right? WHO KNOWS. I could be totally wrong lol. But whatever. I guess I just decided I should finish my last entry. I can say that I got what I wanted from whatever this was I was going through 😂 I can’t even call it a solitude. But I did grow closer to God. I’ll be good. We’ll be good. He got me. I got Him. We good. 

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