[75.1] ~*Tue – 09/26/17*~

[11:59 pm]

I watched The Voice and that cheered me up. That show always makes me smile so much. It also made me a bit sad that I didn’t go to the powwow like I wanted to this year. I haven’t been to it for ages and I really wanted to go this year and ended up not going. There was this Native American on the show and we saw a bit of their powwow and it made me regret not going cause it’s always so beautiful. But in general the show just cheered me right up.

I really don’t know how people like my husband can spend their days not doing anything productive. I mean, my husband works and that’s about it. He doesn’t do anything beside cooking. I’m the one who does it all, even the outside work which I should really get to mowing the lawn once again. It’s crazy! The end of Sep and I still need to mow the darn lawn. I wanted to do that today but it was still way to warm for me to do it. I’m not too sure when I’ll get to it as it gets dark early now so when I get home from work I don’t have time and next Tue we won’t be home. Hopefully it will be the last time when ever I get to it. We also have a lot of random mushrooms that decided to grow all over the lawn this year. I keep telling people we’re invaded by Smurfs. Haha! I love the Smurfs so I wouldn’t mind. Anyways, back to my first thought of people not doing anything productive. I just don’t understand how they do it. My husband spends his day on the PC and he is pleased with that. I sit at the PC and most of the time I feel guilty cause I could be cleaning or what ever else. The house is so full of dust, I just can’t keep up. I wish I could have a maid but then again, I don’t think I could trust anyone doing my work. This is sorta why hub doesn’t even bother helping cause I’d always complain that it wasn’t done properly. Still, I don’t understand how he can just sit at the PC and feel okay with it. If I spend a day just to be lazy I feel so guilty about it. I need to do at least one thing. Like today, I thought I was going to be lazy cause I just didn’t really feel right but I still did the dishes. I know it’s not much but it is still something. By the way, I’m not saying this to say that those people are lazy, I just wonder how they do it as I’m always thinking of what I could or should be doing instead. Just like I have one day off a week and if I’m lazy on that day off I feel bad as I should pick up the slack I did at home during the week. I used to have two days, way back in the days (haha!), and I couldn’t do it. I was bored out of my mind being home so now I work six days a week. I sometime complain that I wish I had an extra day off when I’m super tired but overall I’m glad I work that much as I would feel bad about not doing anything.

I also finally decided on an item in the game. I had to pick one cause it would of drove me crazy. I don’t feel as mad as I did yesterday about not being able to get both items. I always get so pissed off at the moment but then I calm down. Stupid games! Lol!

Anyways, I didn’t do much more than the dishes today. I decided to wait on making the suggies food. I just had no will for it today. I will do it on Thu as I really didn’t wanted to go to the store. I’ll buy the stuff when I get my client’s grocery and I’ll make it after work. I did take my shower and decided on just washing my whole head in the shower. Never mind trying to wash just the pink and then the rest. Seems like too much work for me. I’ve been washing my whole head ever since I had these colors so why start trying to take care of it now. It would be great if I could keep the pink for longer but I at least have it for a week out of eight. Better than nothing. Haha! It’s even better than the first time I had it done cause back then the pink didn’t take at all. It was very pale, at least now it’s bright when I just get it done.

I called back the snow removal company and told them I would be taking them back this year. Every year I say we’ll be looking for another company as I’m sometime pissed at the one we use but we always end up taking the same one. Hub had said he was going to call around to see but never got to it so I just called the same company and told them we’d be taking them. I just hope at least half the court are staying with them as it gives me time to clean the cars, take them out and the guy comes back in and re-clean where the cars were. That’s why I liked taking them as they know it’s what I do. They used to be the ones doing the majority of the court so I had time to do it, last year it was pretty much half and half so I had to be quicker about it but still managed. I’m just scared most people will leave for a different company and I won’t have time to do it. Oh well, if I don’t it will just give hub more work to do as it is one thing he does, use the snow blower to clean up the rest of the driveway if we weren’t able to move the cars for the tractor to do it.

I didn’t feel like getting dress and getting out of the house today but I finally did cause I wanted hub to check my friend’s PC, see if he could fix it or something. He tried but switching things around didn’t work. He then put her hard drive in our old tower but the cable for her screen to the PC wasn’t the right one. That said, she still doesn’t have a PC right now as we need to bring her a cable. Hub thought we had one at home but we just looked and didn’t find any so we’ll have to go to the store to buy one. We ended up finally throwing away the old old PC in the dumpster and also threw away my friend’s PC as it isn’t good anymore. We were also not supposed to eat out as the month isn’t done yet and we don’t have much left on the budget but hub was hungry so we got some KFC. Not too bad I guess since I wanted to go to the movies and we didn’t go so we just spent the movie elsewhere. The movie I wanted to see was playing at 7 and that’s basically the time hub got up.

It’s getting late so I should probably get to bed and read some before sleeping.




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