[75] ~*Tue – 09/26/17*~

[2:22 pm]

Blah! I sorta want to still be in bed. I got out maybe half an hour ago and really didn’t wanted too. I kept having dreams and I just wanted to force myself to sleep some more so I could dream more. I had a few different dreams but this one was the last one and I don’t know how I feel about it. I was a regular person but then I could fly. I didn’t have any wings, I just used my arms. I couldn’t fly too high as I had stopped flying for a while but for some reason decided to start again. The reason I could fly was because I’d get into people’s home from the higher window and.. I would take life away. I was an angel of death or something. I was the one to take people’s last breath. I don’t know, it was weird. All those people had lil balcony on their windows so those were the only ones I’d visit. I think I had stopped because people had sorta caught on that I would only visit the ones with balcony on their windows so they weren’t building those anymore. They had started again so I had started doing my “job” again. Dreams are just so darn weird. But I do like when I sleep, wake up and remember my dream. I just want to keep sleeping to keep dreaming.

Anyways, I finally decided I had to get out of bed as it was almost 2 pm. I didn’t wanted too cause I don’t have any more Advil’s and I knew my back was going to be sore. I’m also not too sure of what we’ll be doing today as hub got out of bed between 2-4 am and came back to bed at almost 11 am this morning. That said, who knows how long he’ll be sleeping today. His back was very sore so that’s another bummer. I need to get to the store so I can buy the stuff to make the suggies food but I so don’t feel like getting out of the house today. They have enough for today and maybe tomorrow so I could make it tomorrow night or Thu at worse. I just feel a bit blah and don’t want to cook. Tomorrow I’m done around 8 pm so it’s kinda late and I already know I won’t be making their food. Thu I’m done around 6 pm so it’s not too bad. If I don’t make it today, I’d have to make it Thu. I also need to wash my hair and I’m debating cause I don’t know how I could manage to wash the pink separately. I’d have to wash the pink by itself at the sink so I see what I’m doing and don’t know how that would work out. Then I’d have to put something on the pink for when I wash the rest in the shower so the other colors doesn’t bleed out in the pink. Sounds like a lot of work if you ask me. I think my friend charges $5 to wash hair and I’m almost tempted to pay up so she can wash my hair weekly. Haha! She’s off this week and next as she’s about to give birth so even if I’d wanted too, this doesn’t work for now. I guess even if I wash my whole head at the same time, it’s not that bad, the pink just slowly becomes purple. I’m about to just shave my hair and have a wig done in the colors I have. I wouldn’t have this problem anymore. Sometimes I think about asking her to just not do the pink so I wouldn’t have to worry about it but then I’m like “It’s super nice for the first week, then what ever happens, happens”. I just like to make every simple thing into big things for nothing. I guess it keeps my life interesting.

Beside that, I wanted to go to my friend’s today so hub could check her PC to see if something could be done to save it. I also wanted to lend her our other tower so she could at least have a PC for now. She said she asked her daughter for her laptop and her answer was, she didn’t know where she had put it. Really?! That just gets me so mad. She doesn’t even use her laptop and can’t bother to look around the house to find it and lend it to her mom. Arg! Am I just too nice or something?!

Umm.. I’m sitting here and writing and my head just feels wrong. I have a lil headache and I feel here but not here. I also feel like I’m a bit shaky when I’m not. Could I finally have some withdrawals after a week of not taking my sleeping pill. I usually get this after two days. I’m also hungry and I have no clue what to eat. I had planned that hub would be up today and could make us something to eat but he’s in bed. I had bought a party pizza on Sun but it’s all gone. I ate the last of it last night. Guess I should go look around and see what I could possibly eat. I also need to figure out what item I want to get on my farming game cause if I don’t pick one out soon I’ll just end up loosing everything as there’s only a few hours left to pick something. This would just be my luck, to actually not get anything.




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